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Proposed Floor Plan for the SR Intercultural Center

SRJC Interultural Center 

Student Life, Equity, and Engagement, in partnership with the SRJC Learning Communities, is excited to announce the design and planning process for the new InterCultural Center on the Santa Rosa Campus. “InterCultural Center” is a tentative name and may be modified by the planning group with community input. Modeled after SRJC Petaluma Campus' Our House Intercultural Center and located within the north end of Pioneer Hall, this space will be the hub of intercultural engagement, social justice, and integrated support for students. Student Equity currently anchors the space following Phase I renovation of the old Pioneer Hall Assembly Room. Phase II will include the renovation of the rest of the space currently occupied by the DRD Assistive Technology Center. DRD programs are being centralized on the 3rd floor of Bertolini Student Center. The tentative project start date for consturction is Summer 2019 (fingers crossed!). 

The InterCultural Center will include strong collaboration with Student Services programs such as identity-based clubs, Our House InterCultural Center, Student Life, Counseling, PEERS, Student Success Coaches, and SGA. It will also provide a venue for strong co-curricular partnerships with instructional faculty, Learning Communities, and MI CASA. The InterCultural Center will support innovative programming and events aimed at helping students create and celebrate their cultural identity in an academic environment. Most importantly, this will be a safe space where students from different backgrounds can come together and work on common issues, gain valuable insight from each other, and leverage student success strategies and resources in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. If you are interested in supporting the development of the InterCultural Center please contact Genevieve Bertone at (707) 521-7925 or

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Tentative Project Timeline (subject to change)

  • Fall 2018: Complete design and public input process
  • Winter 2019: Apply for state approvals.
  • Spring 2019: Design interiors, seek contractor bids 
  • Summer 2019: Construction
  • Late Fall 2019: Grand Opening!
Planning Update

On Tuesday, November 27th a public meeting was held in the Student Activities Center. Students, faculty and staff from a variety of programs on campus attended, including Second Chance, International Students Program, Umoja, Puente, APASS, Student Life,  Disability Resources, CalWORKs, Bear Cub Scholars, and Student Government Association. A comprehensive review of the Fall Intercultural Center Planning Survey results was discussed. The outcome was a narrowing down of the Center's name and new ideas for programs and services.  

  On Tuesday, October 30th the SRJC Learning Communities and other user groups met to finalize the draft design of the SRJC Intercultural Center. The group agreed on a future meeting date and that a strong emphasis on seeking    student input was needed. Next steps include SGA presentations, class presentations, digital communications and outreach, and public displays. The next meeting is scheduled for November 27th at 3pm in the Student Activities       Center.

  On September 25th, the SRJC facilities project manager presented a variety of models for the InterCultural Center, including designated spaces for student groups, functional spaces for student needs, and open, collaborative co-     work spaces. Merits of each model were discussed and follow up meetings were held to seek additional input. Additional user groups such as Indigenous Peoples space were identified and invited to participate in the user group   meetings and public input and planning process.

 On May 15th the SRJC Learning Communities met with students, community stakeholders, and facilities and project architects to continue the discussions on goals, services, and program needs for the proposed   InterCultural Center.

Here are some results from that meeting.

Proposed Goals for the Intercultural Center

  • Advocate for and empower historically underrepresented and minoritized groups.
  • Provide a safe space for all students to engage their multiple, intersecting, and evolving identities.
  • Develop and implement co-curricular programs and services that foster cultural appreciation and identity.
  • Build connections to help create a sense of belonging and community that values diversity in all of its forms.
  • Guide and support students to access resources, build partnerships, and become change agents for social reform.


Intercultural Center Planning - User Group Meeting Notes

  • Tutoring/Counseling
  • Storage, storage, storage!
  • Multiple exits
  • Ample electrical outlets
  • Welcoming vibe that accommodates programming
  • Accessibility / Universal design
  • Co-located services
  • Lounge + Workshop Room should be separate
  • Services around the facility border
  • Knooks and corners
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Bulletin Boards and resources
  • Reservable, Flexible, & Transparent spaces (for safety)
  • Cultivate intersectional experiences and collaboration

"Must Haves"

  • Art and opportunities to create spontaneous art/creative
  • Flexibility – furniture on wheels
  • Open kitchen with some “eat in” opportunities
  • Small think rooms – flexible for pumping 
  • Counseling - Dedicated hours
  • Mindfulness/Stress/Pump Room
  • Computing/Printing
  • Exhibit Space/Feature Wall
  • Some areas with privacy
  • Interactive flat panels for group work, gaming, etc. 
  • Activate back area & front patio
  • Exit near counseling pods
  • Round out & blend the "neighborhoods" within the Center
  • Consider what you see when you first come in…needs to INVITE students in! 

Check out Sonoma State's The HUB.   We recently popped in and took some pics. Download the pdf here.

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!!!   NEXT PLANNING MEETING - February 5th @3pm in the Student Equity Office, Pioneer Hall 360.

Please join us and send your students!

More Research: Statewide Intercultural Center Info

California College's Multicultural Centers
CCC Name: Website: Multicultrual Purpose/Mission
DeAnza College "The Multicultural Center at De Anza College is a gathering place for intellectual and cultural enrichment, programs, services, and facilities for students, faculty, staff, and our community."
Biola University Center for Cross Cultural Engagement "The mission of the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement (CCCE) is to create, promote, and facilitate opportunities for faculty and students to better understand cultural differences with the purpose of engaging and learning beyond Biola's cultural frame of reference."
California State University, Dominguez Hills "Multicultural Affairs Mission: MCA is dedicated to providing a friendly environment that promotes and encourages a greater appreciation of respect and inclusion of social difference. We offer co-curricular programs that are designed to encourage free expression and discussions of issues related to the creation of a multi-ethnic, culturally conscious university"
CalPoly MCC Multicultural Center "The Multi-Cultural Center (MCC) provides programs and services that aid in the outreach and retention of under-represented students through advocacy, community-building, and co-curricular programming. The MCC is a welcoming space in the Cal Poly community that embraces diversity and works towards social justice. As part of the Cross Cultural Centers, the Multi-Cultural Center contributes to the University’s commitment to diversity for a more inclusive and welcoming campus."
CSU Channel Islands Center for Multicultural Engagement "The mission of the CME is to create and sustain a campus climate in and out of the classroom that values and promotes all forms of diversity. The center challenges students, staff, and faculty to commit to diversity as a source of renewal and vitality that empowers them to change the culture and the world through civic action. Multiculturalism at CI means respectfully coexisting with people of different abilities, identities, and/or practices (including ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, national, and/or (non)religious in an environment of intellectual curiosity, self-reflection, and civic engagement."
CSULB CSULB Multicultural Center "The overarching mission of the Multicultural Center is to contribute to the creation of a campus environment that is truly inclusive. That means a university which respects and affirms the equal human worthof every individual and of all distinctive groups of people. The MCC, therefore, is a uniquely welcoming place, where one is invited to communicate across lines of culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, class etc. The Center's moral and intellectual justification is rooted in the University's commitment to persons of different backgrounds, experiences, and origins."
Cuesta College Cultural Center "The Cuesta College Cultural Center embraces and celebrates the diversity that every individual on our campus contributes to our community. Through our events and programs, we encourage open dialogue about critical issues and seek to support awareness and exploration of diversity."
Lane Community College Multicultural Center "The Multicultural Center provides a comfortable atmosphere where students from all ethnic backgrounds can get information on admission, registration, course and program planning, and referrals to on-campus and community services. Work-Study and Intern Students serve as assistants, giving guidance on how to navigate moodle and other educational platforms."
Pasadena City College Cross Cultural Center "The Cross Cultural Center (CCC) supports student education through creating community based on socially just education. Through experiential programming that supports the academic mission of the institution, the CCC develops and supports students so they can be successful at PCC and beyond. We are committed to improving outreach to, and the retention and matriculation of those who have been marginalized in higher education. To do so, the Center advocates for an inclusive campus climate."
Sacramento City College Cultural Awareness Center "The Cultural Awareness Center (CAC) promotes the core values of the college: working together, pursuing excellence, inspiring achievement. The Center’s goal is to advance intercultural understanding and education through programs and activities that reflect the diversity of Sacramento City College students, faculty, and staff, as well as the community in which we live."
Saint Mary's College of Calfornia Intercultural Center "The Intercultural Center strives to create a safe and supportive learning environment that values diversity and builds inclusive community. Through its co-curricular programs and services, the IC educates the campus for cultural competence and social justice"
San Diego MESA Diversity Resources "The purpose of the Committee for Diversity Action, Inclusion and Equity (CDAIE) is to develop and implement a strategy for diversity, inclusion and equity which is active and aligned with Mesa’s mission, vision and values. The Committee's overarching goal is to engage and support students, faculty and staff in the ongoing process of transforming our campus environment into one which we envision as safe, supportive, culturally proficient, globally inclusive and reflective of the larger San Diego community."
UC Berkely UC Berkeley's Multicultural Center  
UC Davis UC Davis Multicultural Resources                     "UC Davis' cultural communities help make the campus a vibrant place for all students, faculty and staff. They provide opportunities for students to learn about both their own culture and other cultures."
University of San Fransicso Intercultural Center  "As a part of the Cultural Centers, the Intercultural Center provides a welcoming space on campus for students to explore their identities, find community, and work towards social justice. The programs center on racial and ethnic identity, and also provide perspectives on multiple aspects of identity."
    "Multiculturalism at CI means respectfully coexisting with people of different abilities, identities, and/or practices (including ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, national, and/or (non)religious) in an environment of intellectual curiosity, self-reflection, and civic engagement."
College of San Mateo Multicultural Center "The mission of the Multicultural Center is to provide a more personalized counseling experience to basic skills, ESL, foster youth, AB540, LGBTQQ, and underserved student populations. SSSP and Student Equity mandates based on research have proven that the need for one-on-one contact remains critical for MCC’s target population. Program staff support the college mission of serving basic skills students, students who place 2-3 levels below transfer, and will continue to work closely with the DIAG, BSI Committee, Instructional Support Programs and Counseling Services to ensure best programming institutionally for underserved students. The program support provided by the MCC reflects CSM’s commitment to their institutional priorities of improving student success and providing high quality programs and services. Without having assistance to manage their caseloads counselors count on referrals from the CSM community to make sure that the intended student population is served. The MCC prides itself in being a "Safe-Zone" for students which means regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship status, immigration status, religion, age, or ability, students will be treated with respect and at its core reflects the policies expressed in the CSM Diversity Statement."
Glendale Community College tps:// "The Multicultural and community engagement center (MCEC) At Glendale Community College values Diversity, critical thinking, personal responsibility, and communication skills for all students"
Saint Mary's College "The intercultural center strives to create a safe and supportive learning environment that values diversity and builds inclusive community, through its co-curricular programs and services, the IC educates the campus for cultural competence and social justices"
Whitman College "The Intercultural Center seeks to foster intercultural awareness, inclusiveness and respect for all in Whitman Community" " Fostering diversity, inclusion, and respect for all in the Whitman Community is one of the goals of the Intercultural Center"
Swarthmore College "The Intercultural Center (IC) procides programs and survives that support the personal and intellectual development of Asian American, LatinX, Multiracial, Native American, Queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender), Low income, International, and First generation college students at Swarthmore College"
Coastline Community College "The Intercultural Resource Center seeks to create and nurture an environment that encourages diversity through dialo