Equity Conference & Training Grant

The purpose of this funding is to provide faculty and staff the opportunity to engage in professional learning aimed at reducing equity gaps for target populations at Santa Rosa Junior College. This could include conferences that include topics such as diversity, inclusion, cultural competency, and / or pedagogies that improve student success for Native American, Latino, African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Filipino, multi-race, some other race, and low income students or veterans, students with disabilities, and foster youth.
What is equity-related?
Conferences and trainings with a focus on diversity, inclusion, equity, and / or promote practices that improve student success for disproportionately impacted student groups. This funding also supports conferences and trainings that include best practices and professional learning aimed at achieving the goals of the SRJC Student Equity Plan. 
This application is for funding approval only. Once approved, normal travel request procedures must be completed by the applicant. This includes completing a travel request form and supplemental questionnaire two weeks prior to travel and processing all receipts and reimbursements upon return. The travel request form should be approved by the department chair, supervising administrator, Vice President, and then routed to the Office of Student Equity for processing. 
Grant Information
  • Maximum of $750 per attendee.
  • Conference must be in the state of California.
  • Following approval, normal travel processes must be followed by applicant.
  • Applicant must be actively employed at Santa Rosa Junior College.
  • In order to maximize funds, we kindly request that you share transportation and parking when possible. Eating provided meals and minimizing incidentals is also appreciated.
  • Funding must be approved in advance; retroactive requests will not be considered. Two months in advance is preferred.
  • Priority will be given to applicants that have not received funding previously.
If approved, as a condition of this funding, you agree to the following commitments:
  • If traveling with a team, consider strategizing team members on session attendance, debrief about impactful session, and / or discuss how lessons learned might be applied to SRJC.
  • Commit to arranging a departmental or program level “Back from the Road” report to share information gained at the conference with your department / program.
  • Commit to participating in a “Back from the Road” brown bag flex presentation, where you share info gained with the community.
  • Provide a brief written summary (email) of your favorite break out session and include presentation materials if possible. This will be compiled and shared with the Student Success and Equity Committee and other interested parties.
Please click here for the Equity Conference & Training Grant Application or on the link below to complete the grant application.  Once completed, please email to Genevieve Bertone, Director of Student Equity at gbertone@santarosa.edu.  Or you may send the application via interoffice mail to the Office of Student Equity-Plover 540.  
Alternate Link to Grant Application